10 Best Alia Bhatt Jokes & Memes That You Can’t Miss Out

We are all inspired by the exhaustive General Knowledge of Alia Bhatt (Joking !) and we leave no opportunity to praise her for this talent. Witty Alia Bhatt !

So, BollywoodSpeaks brings you 10 best Alia Bhatt Jokes & Memes to add a bit more humour to your life !

Here we go ……..

Alia Bhatt Meme 1/10


Alia Bhatt responds in an interview with Arnab. Arnab is still unconscious !

Alia Bhatt Meme 2/10


Alia Bhatt asks for Maggi. Shopkeeper died laughing. Alia Bhatt you have no right to kill people.

Alia Bhatt Meme 3/10


Conversation between father and daughter turned hilarious. Alia Bhatt, what’s up with Faizabad – Faiz Wala Love ??

Alia Bhatt Meme 4/10


Alia enquiring about Income Tax Returns !! Alia Bhatt go and ask Modi Ji about the Part One. LOL !

Alia Bhatt Meme 5/10


Alia asks for a free gift. Shopkeeper is in Coma. So much of wit Alia Bhatt !

Alia Bhatt Meme 6/10


Yes Mr. Mahesh Bhatt you need consolation. We will pray for Alia Bhatt.

Alia Bhatt Meme 7/10


Just imagine the trio pondering over something really serious like Chota Bheem and Women Empowerment. LOL  LOL LOL !!!! Alia Bhatt LOL !!

Alia Bhatt Meme 8/10


For the first time in my life Mathematics seems a funny and interesting subject. Thanks to Alia Bhatt.

Alia Bhatt Meme 9/10


Shopping is fun but not for Alia Bhatt. Poor Alia !

Alia Bhatt Meme 10/10


NO Amit Ji NO ! We wish you could have had the benefit of doubt but unfortunately NO !

Alia Bhatt will surely add spice and humor to our lives with her sheer innocence.

That’s all with Alia Bhatt Jokes & Memes.


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